Motor control centres (MCC)


MCC cabinets or motor control centres are the heart of electrical installations in industrial plants or in infrastructure. They are used to group power sources and activators; allowing maximum machinery availability.

Our engineering and manufacturing teams will design your MCC based on applicable regulations and operational specifications. Full attention will be given to operational considerations and to maintenance; seeking maximum supply availability. With this purpose in mind, we shall study the most appropriate internal segregation for each type of project.


No internal segregation. The same compartment contains the operational units and connection terminals.


The distribution busbar is segregated from the operational units. In system 2, two different segregations are manufactured:

System 2a: Connection terminals without separating the busbar
System 2b: Terminals separated from the busbars


The busbar is segregated from the operational units and the operational units are also separated from each other. In system 3, the connection terminals are not segregated. In system 3, two different segregations are manufactured:

System 3a: Connection terminals without separating the busbar
System 3b: Connection terminals separated from the busbar


The busbars of the operational units are segregated, the operational units are segregated from each other and the connection terminals are segregated. In system 4, two different segregations are manufactured:

System 4a: The operational units and connection terminals of each operational unit are located in the same compartment

System 4b: Each operational unit is located in a compartment and each terminal block or connection terminal in a different compartment

At P&D Automatización we manufacture MCCs using components from brands of international prestige; our experts select the most appropriate elements and housing for each project.

For more demanding uses, we manufacture customised MCCs, sets and auxiliary panels, fully adapting the following aspects to each requirement:

  • Building method
  • Size
  • Segregation
  • Interior and exterior colours
  • Special treatments for the metal parts
  • Thickness of the metal plate

All panels manufactured at P&D Automatización must pass strict quality controls specifically designed for each project. We design the test and trial process with our customers to ensure their full satisfaction before the electrical panel leaves our workshops.

Our testing laboratory is equipped with the necessary means to perform tests and certify most electrical panels. In addition, we permanently cooperate with independent laboratories to achieve the highest quality standards for our products.

At P&D Automatización we employ a flexible production system that enables us to respond to the specific needs of each project.