Power switchboards make it possible to switch between two or more power sources depending on specific needs. The switch to another power source may be caused by a power cut, the connection of a power supply, instructions from a remote control system…

Our automatic switchboards can alternate the power source used by a plant or machine by using a second power source from a generator, secondary power source, renewable energy…

The switch can be automatic when a problem with the voltage or a power cut is detected or by means of an external instruction sent by a PLC, remote control systems or panel.

Automatic switching can be implemented in systems where the interruption of power can be foreseen based on orders from REE; in such a case, auxiliary systems will be used to allow the plant to continue operating:

  • Automatic switching of facilities
  • Switch after the detection of a fault
  • Remote switching using PLCs, remote control, panel
  • Electric interruptibility

We use various construction methods for these panels. They can even be built to order. Tell us what you need; we shall study your needs and provide you with the best technical solution.