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One of the basic pillars of Factoría 4.0 (Factory 4.0) is documentation. Having access to clear and updated documentation makes engineering and maintenance tasks easier.

It is possible to implement maintenance control, management and improvement systems based on updated drawings, manuals and check-lists.

In addition, updated documentation makes the engineering tasks for extensions easier and more economical.

P&D Automatización offers several solutions to introduce your company into the Factoría 4.0 concept. We have a range of solutions for each type of customer:

  • Power panel
  • PLC panels
  • Local control panels (LCP)
  • Intermediate or interconnection panels
  • HMI screen panels

The technical office is happy to provide a range of services:


The technical office uses state-of-the-art software tools to develop its projects. The technical office offers solutions for the following:

  • Development of electrical drawings for new facilities or extensions
  • One-line diagrams
  • Drawings
  • Terminal boards
  • PLC and communication network drawings
  • P&I and instrumentation
  • Lists of materials
  • Exploded views
  • Development of typical diagrams for basic engineering

Full adaptation to the needs of each customer, based on current regulations for each project; including specific end customer requirements.

The technical team will cooperate with your engineering department to achieve the full development of the project, whether a new project or an extension on an existing facility.


Development and drawing of electrical diagrams based on existing installations that lack documentation.

In the case of reverse engineering, we work in cooperation with the maintenance and facilities department and with the technical office to develop and draw the electrical diagrams based on existing facilities.

Having updated electrical drawings for each machine and facility will make it possible to undertake speedy and economical repairs, which, in turn, will lead to greater availability of the machine.

Based on updated documentation, savings can be achieved in engineering and in the implementation of extensions in a plant or process.


Development and implementation of documentation systems for maintenance and upgrading projects. Firts, we analyse the customer´s human and technical resources and we optimise them to maximise return with the lowest cost.

The purpose of an updated documentation system is to respond effectively to breakdowns; reducing machinery downtime and increasing productivity. In addition, plant or facility extensions will be quicker and more economical.

Imprementing a documentation system implies:

  • Studying plant requirements
  • Studying available means
  • Planning the possible software/hardware investments
  • Designing the standard regulations governing drawings and manuals
  • Zeroise documentation
  • Reverse engineering
  • Training own staff
  • Prepare drawings of extensions, enhancement or changes


We cooperate with your engineering department from the design process to help them obtain rigorous and standardised documentation for machinery, equipment, facilities... Having detailed documentation will help you obtain better prices from your subcontractors as well as a marked improvement in maintenance and after-sales services.

Planned and standardised documentation results in top quality projects with significant cost savings.

  • Preparation of electrical drawings and diagrams
  • Standardisation of electrical documentation
  • Generate documents for procurement
  • Instruction manuals
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Lists of materials