P&D Automatización CSR sets out our commitments regarding our relations with society, the environment, workers and suppliers. Our shareholders, management and workers are fully involved with and scrupulously apply this list if guidelines, rules and protocols.

Our relationship with society:
P&D Automatización integrates with society and the area surrounding its headquarters and work sites, whether they are permanent or temporary. P&D Automatización actively participates with local bodies in the development of business, educational or environmental initiatives and in projects that seek the common good of society and of the environment.

P&D Automatización permanently cooperates with educational bodies of all kinds: universities, institutes and vocational training centres; enabling their students to enhance their training and put the knowledge acquired to the practice.

Through the implementation of its products and services,  P&D Automatización also seeks to improve the environment: the development of energy-efficient projects, water treatment systems and improved production processes contributes to reducing the environmental impact in several industrial sectors.


We are fully aware that our company's major and more important resources are our workers. The knowledge, experience, interest and involvement of our workers are the main aspects we contribute to our customers' projects.

We promote a friendly, comfortable, and stable working environment, in which our workers feel they are a key part of the company. We seek the constant motivation of our workers by involving them in each project, valuing their ideas and facilitating their career development in accordance with their expectations within P&D Automatización. We also have the highest consideration for the personal talents of our workers in the creation of wealth.


At P&D Automatización, we see suppliers as another section of our organisation and, therefore, we endeavour to generate a friendly, close and fair atmosphere when dealing with all of our suppliers.

Suppliers are a major consideration when conducting any type of business. Consequently, when seeking new suppliers, we concentrate on studying their key aspects, such as: product quality, delivery times and technical know-how.


P&D Automatización permanently endeavours to improve its work and production processes to reduce the environmental impact of its activities.

By means of internal environmental procedures established, we minimise the production of waste products: we reuse packaging, paper, we optimise transport, reduce the number of trips... The waste generated is processed in accordance to internal protocols that prioritise recycling.